Know-how Mediation as true Experience

“Great speech from Martin Aichholzer – wonderfully concise and very entertaining. I really recommend it!”
(Friedrich Hofer, Klimabündnis Steiermark)

Humans are emotional – just like my , seminars and workshops. I give insights, scientifically founded and prepared in a way, so that they remain in memory. Without statistics chaos and overflowing PowerPoint slides, but full with exciting practical examples – perfect for enthusiastic participants. Following you will find possible topics that can be booked as a speech, seminar or workshop.

SPEECHES — Be inspired and immerse yourself in the modern world of strong brands. My speeches are full of life, experience and real examples that fascinate and encourage reflection. Countless performances in front of thousands of listeners in the last 10 years testify to this. Duration: 30-90 minutes, subsequent discussion round optionally (excluding time for preparation and follow-up)
SEMINARE — Bring your employees up to date! In my in-house seminars the latest developments in individual areas are presented. I visit you at your company and present vivid, entertaining and instructive a brand / marketing theme of your choice. Duration: 0.5 to 1 day per topic (excluding time for preparation and follow-up)
WORKSHOPS — Take a big step forward with the help of an expert! In my workshops, you and your teammembers expect intense days in which the focus is less on theory than working together on your company / project. Duration: 1 to 4 days per topic (excluding time for preparation and follow-up)