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Inszenierung Ihres UnternehmensIt is my passion to create a wonderful world full of magic all around your products and services. It is my profession to transform this magic into real success – with strategy and science.








I’m a strategic and creative consultant

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I’m like a director of a theatre play or a movie, only for companies: I create brand scripts which will thrill your customers and are possible to implement. I also take care, that everyone else working on the implementation follows the guidelines of the script and helps to make the brand alive.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to become even more successful, I can support you. I can either be…

• a valuable sparing partner, if we meet each other on a regular basis to optimise your marketing (» brandCOACH)

• or I can be your external Branding Officer, temporarily, by developing your brand script and coordinating your implementation team (» brandBOOST)

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